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The Enchanted Character Bios

Character Bios

Theodore “Theo” Meyers

Height: Just over 6ft
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Dark Brown/Black
Distinguishing characteristics: His horrible attitude and nicknames he gives everyone
Age: 22

Theo is Mara’s protector and anytime he’s around her sparks fly. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. His horrible attitude usually has something to do with the bad. He loves his sister, Adelaide, more than his own life. Theo has a cat, a Russian Blue, named Nigel. Despite his horrible attitude Theo’s someone you want on your side. He’s fiercely loyal and protective. Especially when it comes to Mara. 

He leaned against the wall and crossed his arms over his chest. “You’re in danger and we really need to go. I’m your protector. Lucky you, right?” he smirked and nodded cockily.  -Theo

Theo's theme song ;) : 
Mara Pryce
 Height: 5ft 6in
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Light brown
Distinguishing characteristics: The gap between her two front teeth
 Age: 18

Mara didn’t know what she was until Theo showed up at her house to take her away. Thrust into the magical world of enchanters she must learn to control her powers so that she can defeat the evil beings known as The Iniquitous. But being a chosen one means that The Iniquitous are going to fight hard to make sure she dies before she can cause any damage. Theo is going to make sure that they don’t succeed, because no one messes with his doll face.

From this moment on I was the new and improved Mara Pryce. Granted, it wasn’t much of an improvement. But it was a start. -Mara

Winston Rowe
 Height: 5ft 9in.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Shaggy light brown/blond
Distinguishing characteristics: Crooked teeth and British Accent
Age: 20

Winston is another Chosen One. Quiet and sweet he is someone that’s easy to love. He and Mara share a common bond, both being Chosen Ones, and understand the heartache and despair the title brings.

“One thing you learn quickly being a Chosen One is that everyone you love dies. Don’t get too attached, Mara, that’s my advice to you.” -Winston

Adelaide “Ade” Meyers
Height: Around 5ft 4in
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Long, wavy, black
Distinguishing characteristics: deep, monotone voice
Age: 18

Theo’s younger sister. She’s warned to stay away from Mara but Adelaide doesn’t listen and befriends Mara anyway. She is determined to get Mara and Theodore together despite the fact that Theo is forbidden to be in a relationship, especially with Mara.

“Mark my words; it’s only a matter of time before you two explode like fireworks on the fourth of July.” -Adelaide 

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