Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Teaser Tuesday

Here's a teaser from my next release, The Enchanted. I hope to release it some time in November. :)

The bell rang and no one moved. Theo picked up his jacket and shrugged it on. Everyone stared in awe at him while Professor Beauregard quietly stalked out of the room. I could hear the sounds of students excitedly chattering. Theo turned around and looked at the silent class.
“You do know the bell rang, right?” he asked.
Several students jumped up, gathered their bags, and ran out of the classroom. I guess they were afraid he might attack them next. Other students seemed frozen. Theo shook his head and rolled his eyes while he came towards me. “Honestly doll face,” he said with a cocky grin and then took my hand in his, “you’d think no one had ever seen a fight before.”

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