Saturday, October 27, 2012

Facebook Giveaway

Just thought I'd let ya'll know that I'm doing a Facebook page giveaway since I reached 100 likes! If you haven't already liked my page, you should go do that. LOL. And while you're there comment on this post to be entered to win! It's that easy! I will pick a winner tomorrow night (October 28th) using (I said October 25th in the post by accident, because I had switched my calendar to November to check something, *smacks forehead*, obviously I didn't think to put the calendar back on October)

Also, the BIG, HUGE, GIGANTORE, giveaway I'm doing here on the blog ends in only 3 days! 3! So if you haven't entered already you really need to do that! Big Giveaway!!!!!

And if you didn't see my previous post; ASK CAEDEN month is almost over!!! Get your questions in! (see previous post for information regarding email address to send questions to)


  1. I love this chick! A while back I had read Outsider. I loved this book and ms her on FB to tell her so, I just think that's what you should do! We ms'd back and forth for a few minutes. She took her time to chat with me. Nothing shows more character than an Author who takes the time to chat with someone who adored her book. I don't even think she remembers this or that it was me. This is one of the reasons why I adore her and why I will always support and read and exploit everything she writes!!

    1. I remember! I love getting to interact with you and everyone else! Best part of my day! I keep forgetting to do a post about your blog! I'm going to go do that right now before I forget!