Fallen Series

Even when everything has fallen apart you can still fall in love.

Seventeen year old Kylie Lyons' life has fallen apart. Her parents' divorce results in Kylie being uprooted from her sunny California home and now she has to move to Rome, Italy with her catatonic mother. Little does she know what awaits her there in the form of god-like Jonathon Pulmer. She knows immediately that he's different, special, but she has no idea how special. Not until the word "vampire" is uttered from his lips. And not only is Jonathon a centuries old vampire, he possesses supernatural powers, like all vampires, and Kylie... Kylie is his soul mate. But life is never easy, especially in the world of the undead, and when a rogue vampire returns from Jonathon's past she's bent on extracting revenge in the form of Kylie's death and anyone that gets in her way can die too. Kylie is about to learn that not even your soul mate can protect you from everything.

Fallen Playlist:

1.      Fall for You- Secondhand Serenade (Jonathon and Kylie’s Theme Song)
2.      Gotta Be Somebody- Nickelback (Kylie on the plane)
3.      Starry Eyed- Ellie Goulding (Jonathon and Kylie first see each other)
4.      Not Alone- McFly (Kylie’s Song)
5.      Hands on Me- Vanessa Carlton (Seeing Rome with Jonathon)
6.      The Heart Never Lies- McFly (Katherine’s Garden) (Fallen Theme Song)
7.      Secret- The Pierces (Jonathon’s a vampire)
8.      Love Remains the Same- Gavin Rossdale
9.      Touching and Kissing- Cinema Bizzare
10.  I’m Yours- Jason Mraz (Date)
11.  Face Down- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
12.  The End- Simple Plan (Jonathon leaves)
13.  It’s Not Over- Secondhand Serenade (Kylie looks for Jonathon)
14.  A Twist in my Story- Secondhand Serenade (Jonathon’s Song)
15.  Set the Fire to the Third Bar- Snow Patrol and Martha Wainwright (Kylie thinks of Jonathon)
16.  With Me- Sum 41 (Kylie hears Jonathon’s voice)
17.  You’re Guardian Angel- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Jonathon’s coming)
18.  The Bird and the Worm- The Used (Getting away from Selena)
19.  You Found Me- The Fray (Jonathon saves Kylie)
20.  Take my Hand- Simple Plan (Jonathon takes Kylie home)
21.  Believe- The Bravery (Kylie drinks Jonathon’s blood)
22.  I Can Wait Forever- Simple Plan (Jonathon tells Kylie he’s okay with her staying human)

Fallen Holiday Dance
Diana's Dress

Kylie's Dress

This is the dress I used for Kylie only hers is floor length with silver and dark blue sequins and tulle with a silver bow and flower.

 This is the link for the hotel where the dance takes place. 

A taste of the forbidden fruit is forbidden for a reason.
Graduation is fast approaching and with it the threat of Selena looms closer and closer. But the question is leave? Or fight? Jonathon will do anything to keep Kylie safe even if that means entrusting their lives in their greatest enemy next to Selena, The Coven. Graduation has hardly ended when the Pulmers and The Coven are on the road with precious cargo in tow. Kylie is not at all pleased with this arrangement. Hiding in the woods in a tent from Selena doesn’t make much sense to her. Kylie knows that Selena is after a fight and if Selena wants a fight that’s what she’s going to get. Loyalties are tested, temptation is around every corner, and not everyone will make it out alive.

 Forbidden Playlist:

1. Sleepwalker- Adam Lambert (Forbidden Theme Song/ Opening)
2. E.T.- Katy Perry
3. Skyscraper- Demi Lovato
4. Last Time- Secondhand Serenade (Isaac's Song)
5. Bleed- Hot Chelle Rae (Isaac confesses his feelings)
6. Heavy in Your Arms- Florence and the Machine (Kylie falls for Isaac)
7. Make Me Wanna Die- The Pretty Reckless (Jonathon catches Kylie with Isaac)
8. I Don't Think I Love you Anymore- Hoobastank (Jonathon yells at Kylie)
9. Set Fire to the Rain- Adele
10. Don't Forget- Demi Lovato
11. Stay- Miley Cyrus
12. Feel- Marie Digby
13. Guns and Horses- Ellie Goulding
14. If I Die Young- The Band Perry
15. Burn it to the Ground- Nickelback (Fight with Selena)
16. Stronger- Kanye West (Fight with Selena)
17. Hurricane- 30 Seconds to Mars (Fight with Selena)
18. This is Our Town- We the Kings (Jonathon kills Selena)
19. From Yesterday- 30 Seconds to Mars (End)

Coming Soon: Forever (The Final Book from Kylie's POV)
Fractured (Isobel's Story) (Full-length novel)
Fissure (Danny and Mason's story) (Full-length novel)

No Release Dates Yet

Forever Cover Reveal

Forever is never enough time to say I love you.

Everything has been leading them to this moment…
Jonathon and Kylie have something The Originals want…
Something The Originals will fight to the death to have…
Something Jonathon and Kylie will die to protect…
War is looming between vampires and The Originals…
Forever has never looked so far away…

Just when Jonathon and Kylie thought they had found their forever everything changes.

Falling: Jonathon’s point of view
I will be doing several chapters from each book from Jonathon's POV.

Falling is easy to do. It’s getting back up that’s the hard part.
This will be released shortly after Forever. 

When I write my books I see them played out in my head like a movie. So here are my choices for Fallen actors.

Alexandra Daddario as Kylie Lyons

Alex Pettyfer as Jonathon
I think he looks like a vampire in this picture

Gaspard Uliel as Isaac (I know he’s too old but he’s perfect for Isaac! Just look at his eyes and smile!)

Ed Speelers as Joseph

Danny Jones from the band Mcfly as Danny and Mason (Don't all musicians secretly want to act)

Ewan McGregor as Patrick

Kate Winslet as Amelia

Mary Louise Parker as Janice Lyons (Kylie’s mom) (Doesn’t she look like she could be a vampire?)

Dennis Quaid as Michael Lyons (Kylie's dad)

Britt Robertson as Diana

Or Portia Doubleday as Diana

 Zooey Deschanel as Selena

Rick Malambri as Gabriel

Lily Collins as Isobel (Isaac's sister)

Fallen Cars

Jonathon’s Mustang

Kylie’s BMW X6

Patrick’s Mercedes SL65 AMG

Amelia’s Mercedes GL500

Mason’s BMW Z4 Roadster

Danny’s Hummer H3

Joseph’s Corvette

Isaac’s Smart Car

Janice’s Range Rover

Forbidden Cars
Infiniti QX56
The Coven’s Chevrolet Suburban’s

Acura ZDX

Here's a Peek at some of the cars that will be featured in Forever

Forever Cars

Jonathon’s Dodge Challenger

Bentley Continental GT

Jaguar XKR

Ranger Rover Evoque



  2. i just read outsider and i fell in love with it gahh cant wait for the second

    i would reallly really like to buy your fallen series on nook. i dont have kindle, tried many times to get the kindle on pc but that didnt work for me.

    1. Ahhhhhhh! I'm so happy to hear you love it!!!!!!! That makes me sooooooo happy! Spread the word!!!

      I'm in the process of re-editing Fallen and since I enrolled it in the KDP Select with Amazon I had to make it digitally exclusive with them. As soon as that's over, June 30th, it will be available again on Nook!

  3. When is forever coming out!!!??!?!?!?!? I cannot wait!

  4. I have no idea. It's 57,198 words but I just kind of stalled with it. Since I want it to be the perfect ending to the series I decided not to force it. It should be out before the end of the year. Hopefully. :)

    When I start working on it again I'll make an announcement. :)

  5. Thanks, it is such a great trilogy!!

  6. Cannot Wait for Forever. I was so shocked at the Forbidden ending, but as soon as i found out there was going to be a third book well i screamed. I am so glad that Kylie and Jonathon's tale hasn't ended. Thank you for these amazing books :) <3

    1. I'm glad you're excited and loved them! That means so much to me! If you haven't seen it already I posted the 1st Chapter of Forever.

  7. HI!!
    I really love Fallen and Forbidden and i cant wait till Forever comes out especially since i read the ending of Forbidden. I am torn apart from that:(, but you still made it a wonderful book. If you ever find out the date of the release of Forever can you please tell me!?

    1. I will definitely make an announcement about a release date here on my blog. Don't expect one for a while though. ;) I have to finish Insider and The Enchanted before I even think about working on Forever again. (Darn, writer's block, this is the 1st time it's happened to me and it better be the last!) Haha. I did do a blog post, I think it was in June, that's the 1st chapter of Forever so you might want to check that out if you haven't already. :)

  8. I loved the first two books but am frustrated there is no word on the third. Do you have a release date yet?

    1. I'm hoping either December of this year or January 2013. Once I finish The Enchanted I'm going to work on Forever. I already have roughly half the novel done so once I pick it up it shouldn't take me long. :)
      If you haven't already read it you can read the first chapter of forever here: http://micaleasmeltzer.blogspot.com/2012/06/first-chapter-of-forever.html

  9. i loved the fist two books in the fallen series, when is forever going to be released?

    1. I'm so glad you loved them! Still no news on when the 3rd book will be out. I have a severe case of writer's block concerning Forever, and I wish it would just go away. I'm hoping after I finish Fighter, and another book that's bugging me to write it, that I'll be able to go back to Forever. I just haven't wanted to push myself because I don't want the ending to be rushed or not live up to what I want it to be. If I'm not happy with it, then you guys won't be happy with it. Since it's the last book I just want it to be perfect and tie up Jonathon and Kylie's story. I wish I had better news but just know that I'm trying to get it done soon. I promise that as soon as I pick it up again and start seriously working on it again, I'll make an announcement. On the bright-side new covers will be coming soon, so that's something to look forward to. :)

    2. Maybe a break from writing in general might help. Get out and party or something so you don't think bout it for a night. Or just a spa day to relax and think bout it. Whatever you think will help

    3. Yeah, maybe... Only, I'm not happy unless I'm writing. Haha. I'm working on a New Adult book right now, that has no paranormal in it. I'm hoping that it will help if I just take a break from paranormal for a while. I want to get Forever done asap, but I don't want to push it and end up with a book I'm not happy with, because if I'm not happy with it, that will show in the writing. I don't want to disappoint people.

    4. Yeah. Just have to take your time. It doesn't matter how many ppl want it done. I already have to wait for other books to come out. But I am sure it'll be good. I finished both books now and I read the first chapter of forever...Authors and their cliff hangers. Haha. But take your time. No rush. But the ppl you.picked for a movie are incredible. They'd be perfect.

    5. Hehe, I totally did not plan to end Forbidden that way. My jaw dropped as I was writing it, but I couldn't change it. It had to end that way. Haha.
      Alex Pettyfer is Jonathon in my mind. When I started writing Fallen no one knew who Alex Pettyfer was and now he's everywhere.

    6. I actually had to reread the ending multiple times to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. But it was an awesome book nonetheless. I'm sure forever will be just as good or even better.