Siva and Sloane.

Two unlikely people brought together by a tragedy.
He’s moody and dark.
She’s pleasant and light.
But there is an undeniable attraction between the two despite the many obstacles that stand in their way.
Sloane Campbell is an American, living in London as a reporter for a celebrity newspaper, with her boyfriend Devak. Sloane believes she loves Dev. But when he dies and she meets his older brother, Siva, for the first time she begins to find out what true love is. True love is the kind that scares you, hurts you, and messes with your mind. True love is when you will take a bullet to save the other person.
Siva Kapur is an angry, spiteful, moody, arrogant, businessman until the day he meets Sloane. He can’t get her off his mind. He tracks her down, rescuing her from his jerk of a father who has just given her an eviction notice, and proposes that she live with him for the time being… Or until he can convince her that true love lies with him. He may even take a bullet for it.

Hush Playlist
1. Heart Vacancy- The Wanted
2. Poison and Wine- The Civil Wars
3. Apologize- One Republic
4. Everything We Had- The Academy Is...
5. Lullaby- Nickelback
6. Something More- Secondhand Serenade
7. Warzone- The Wanted
8. I'll Be Your Strength- The Wanted
9. You Found Me- The Fray

I’ve had the idea for Hush in my head for a long time. Like, years. I wanted to try writing something where the main guy wasn’t perfect, he didn’t say the right things, and he could be downright rude to the woman he loved. Jonathon from my Fallen Series and Caeden from the Outsider Series love their girls more than they care about their own lives, they’ll do anything for her, and they always know the right thing to say. (Although, Jonathon can sometimes be a bit of a jerk but nothing like Siva) Siva has his demons. Everyone that he’s ever loved and everyone that should have loved him has abandoned him. I found him very difficult to write but I also enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone. I hope you enjoy it!

I've been asked a lot if Hush will be a series. The answer is: No, Hush will not be a series. That's not to say that I won't do some extras some day. I have, however, considered doing a prequel from Siva's POV when he was a teenager. But this is not set in stone and if I would do a prequel it would be way, far off, into the future. 


  1. I loved this book!! I finished reading it in like five hours. My cousin even got mad at me because i was reading instead of hanging with her lol. Oh and is The Wanted a favorite band of yours?

    1. Aww, I'm so happy you loved it! Yes, The Wanted is one of my favorite bands. I've been obsessed with British boy bands since middle school. Teehee.

    2. Haha I'm obsessed with The Wanted! I love them so much!

    3. I would love to see them in concert!!!

  2. Hi, sorry to ask, but I was curious as to why you didn't do a sequel to Hush? It just seems like the guy(who I currently can't remember the name of) who was so terrible to Sloan would have had some friends who would have come after Siva and Sloan for killing him. It just kind of intrigued me on how it was all wrapped up because the whole time I was getting towards the end I was thinking that there had to be a sequel and then there was the chapter where it was several years later. I don't know, I have writers block right now while I'm typing this... but, it seems like the series should have continued.

    1. For me, that's just the way Siva and Sloane's story needed to end. That's not to say that one day I might decide to continue it (or do some extras) but for now I have no plans too. I have considered doing a prequel about Siva but if I did it would be a while from now. I hope this answered your question! :)

  3. I just finished reading this today and I absolutely loved it! Great job! (: