To free from complication or difficulty; make plain or clear; solve

A New Adult Contemporary Romance

Scheduled to Release in April 2013

Katy Spencer's life fell apart two years ago. Since then, she's closed herself off. She's a shell of the person she used to be. The only person she trusts is her best friend Rollo, but even he can't keep the nightmares away. Then she meets Jared. He's the first man she's been around since the event that she's not afraid of. He makes her heart race, not in fear, but in a fluttering that could become something meaningful.
Jared can tell that Katy is broken. He sees something in her eyes that he’s often seen reflected in his own.




Jared is determined to get to know her.
He wants to solve the mystery of Katy Spencer.

He will unravel her. 

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And here's a Jared quote:
      He chuckled, and the sound sent warm tingles down to my toes. It wasn’t a feeling I was used to. “Katy, you’re a tough nut to crack, but I’m thoroughly going to enjoy trying.”


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