1.     Why did you start writing? From a very early age I was a story teller. Before I could write actual words I used to make scribbles and then tell my mom or whomever would listen, the story in my head. I started a lot, and I mean A LOT, of books before I ever completed one. Fallen, was the 1st book I wrote from start to finish. After I finished it I was worried I wouldn't be able to do it again but I did. After I finished Forbidden I worried that I may not be able to write anything except for the Fallen Series. About that time I started Outsider and completed it in just 4 weeks. Writing started out as something that was just for me and that I loved doing. Now I love even more that I get to share it with people. 

2.     Who is your favorite character from your books? My favorite character? Hmmm. That's a hard one because I love most of them. But... I'd probably have to say Caeden from Outsider. I just really love him. He's so sweet and so much fun to write. I also really love Danny and Mason from the Fallen Series, Gabriel from the Fallen Series and Bryce from the Outsider Series. (Is it strange that all my favorites are my guy characters?)

3.     How many books will there be in the Outsider series?  There will be 4 with Caeden and Sophie as the main characters. Extras for Outsider and Insider will be released as a book (More Extras than what is on the extras page) Extras for Fighter and the 4th book will also be released as a book. 
Nolan (from Fighter) is getting his own book (I don't know when, probably sometime in 2014) and it's titled Defier.

4.     What made you decide to write about shifters? I had the idea for Outsider in my head for a long time. I got the idea soon after I began writing Fallen but I just could never make a go of it. Mid-January of this year I started having trouble finishing Forever so I sat down and planned Outsider. (It took me 4 weeks start to finish to write Outsider) I knew I wanted to do something with shifters (I didn't want them to all be wolves; I wanted other animals too) (You’ll meet some other shifters in the 3rd book, maybe the 2nd) because there aren't many werewolf/shifter stories that I like, so I figured I'd write my own. I feel like in a lot of books werewolves/shifters are portrayed as being violent but I wanted to show them with a gentler side. In my world the Grimm's behavior is the exception to the rule.

5.     How long does it take you to write a book? It took me 2 years to write Fallen and 2 years to write Forbidden.(I was in school so I didn’t have much time to write. Some days I’d be lucky to write a sentence) It took me 7 weeks to write Hush and 4 weeks to write Outsider. 

6.     Which character is most like you? That would be Sophie. It wasn’t on purpose it just sort of happened that way. In Outsider when Gram says that Sophie has her dad’s eyebrows and that they swallow the same, that is something that my mom and grandma have actually said to me. Sophie calls her navigations system Beatrice, and that’s what I named mine. There’s just a bunch of little things that make her like me. I’d say that Sophie definitely has more courage than me. She’s shy but not as shy as me. Sophie plays soccer and I can’t play any sport to save myself. So, she’s not exactly like me but there are bits and pieces here and there.

7.     Is Caeden based off a real guy? Please, tell me he exists! *waggles eyebrows* Maybe. Haha, I wish. Caeden’s based off what I want in a guy. I always swoon over a guy with dark hair and bright blue eyes and his carefree attitude is something I want in a guy. I like how Caeden isn’t cocky and full of himself. He’s real, and he loves Sophie for all the right reasons.

8.     Is Travis based off anybody you know? Nope, luckily I don’t know anyone that evil. And there’s no one that I don’t like enough to make them be my evil character. Haha.  J

9.     When is Forever coming out? Hopefully sometime in 2013. 

10.  When is the 4th Outsider book coming out and does it have a title? I'm hoping it will release by the end of 2013 but I'm not making any promises. It could be sooner than that, or later than that. I'm just guessing. It does have a title, but I'm keeping it under lock and key. The title will be revealed when I reveal the cover. :)

11.Are all your books getting new covers like the Outsider Series? Yes, they are! Squeeee! 

12. A lot of your books are about soul mates or mention that idea, is that something you believe in? I think that there is someone a "soul mate" out there for everyone but that we rarely find that one special person. 

13. Who is the cutie pie on the cover of Outsider and do you know him? Haha, I wish I knew him! He's a model and I picked his picture out after going through photos for over an hour and then BAM! I saw his pic and I was like, "Ahhhh! It's Caeden." I don't know his name but I think he might be French. I'm probably wrong though. 

***This isn't a question I have been asked but I wanted to add it anyway*** Why is Fallen so badly edited? 
Well... here's the thing. It was edited but somehow the edited version got lost so I uploaded the wrong stinkin' one. *head meet desk* I don't know where the edited version disappeared to but I can't find it so I'm stuck having to edit it... yet again. With writing other books I haven't had time to edit it, so it's still just chillin'. I've looked into a professional editor but it's just way, way, way to expensive. That's why indie/self-pub books usually aren't edited that well. 

14. Can you read the book I've been working on? I'd love to but I can't. I just don't have the time to do that now. I have to focus on finishing my own books and if I took the time to read your books I'd never have any time to write. My advice is to have someone you trust to read it but you know that they'll give you an honest opinion. 

15. What do you do when you're not writing? Uh... think about writing. Haha. My life pretty much revolves around writing. I read a lot. (I'm seriously running out of places to put my books and my kindle has a lot too) I don't watch much TV but I do enjoy shows like Revolution, Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, Bones, Criminal Minds, and The Mindy Project. My all time favorite show though is... Teen Wolf. Nothing can compare to that show. I love it. 

16. The ending of Forbidden is killing me! Why would you end the series that way? Ah, but it's not the end of the series. ;) Forever is the next book in the series and it does continue Jonathon and Kylie's story. Forbidden is definitely not the end. All my series and standalones will have a happy ending or some sort of resolution so you're not left hanging. If you read one of my books and it ends on a definite cliffhanger (like the ginormous one in Forbidden) then that means it is NOT the last book. I could never do that to myself, let alone my readers. What can I say? I'm a sucker for happy endings. :)

17. What do you do for fun? I write. Seriously, I'm the most boring person you'll ever meet. My idea of an exciting Friday night, is pounding away at the keyboard. Even though writing is my full time job, it doesn't feel that way because I love it so much. I do read a lot, but not as much as I used to. Writing has taken over my life, and I'm perfectly okay with that. 

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