Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Teaser is from my next release, The Enchanted. No release date as of yet, since I'm still working on it, but I'm hoping for sometime in November. :) The Enchanted is in the New Adult/Paranormal Romance genre. 

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I handed my plate over to the lady who was collecting them and grabbed Theo by his t-shirt pulling him into a corner.
“Why are you being nice to me?” I asked and he smirked as he crossed his arms. “Well, maybe not nice but tolerable. You were a pain in my butt the whole way here.”
“It’s my job to protect you,” he said, leaning in closer. He rested his arm above my head against the wall. My heart stuttered and skipped a beat. I inhaled to clear my senses but it didn’t help because his scent engulfed me. He smelled like the rainforest.
“It was still your job to protect me outside of these walls. What is going on?” I snapped, hoping he didn’t notice how affected I was by his presence.
His gray eyes bore into me and I began to think he wouldn’t answer but eventually he said, “I don’t know.”
“I understand that you’re trying to do your job but can you just… back off,” I pushed his chest so he would take a step back. I could feel the perfect chiseled hardness of his muscles. He didn’t move.
Instead he leaned down so his mouth was against my ear, “Do I make you feel unsettled doll face?”
“N-n-no,” I said, “you don’t.”

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