Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I'm sleepy...

^^^^ Probably not a good way to start a post, who knows what I may say^^^^

But I just wanted to tell you guys where I'm at with Insider. I have 33,048 words. And I'm freaking out because I have no idea how I'll have it done on time and I really don't want to push the release date back. I know you guys want this book so I'm working my butt off. Hopefully August will go smoother than July and I'll be fine.

In random news: My new computer didn't recognize Caeden's name. *hangs head* So I click the button to add it to the dictionary and happen to look at the recommendations for corrections. I expect to see, Caden, Caiden, Kaden, or Kaiden. No. Not one of these was recommended. Instead the first recommendation  was Camden. Then the next one was Cameron. CAMERON. I was like, "Really?" *hits head against desk* I actually ended up laughing about it. I mean, I did decide to spell Caeden differently from the way it's normally spelled, so I guess I was asking for it. 

Reminders: I'm still at 40 followers on my blog. If I get 50 followers here by the time Insider releases then I will do a BIG giveaway! The winner will receive a signed copy of Outsider and Insider, signed Outsider and Insider bookmarks (along with signed Fallen, Forbidden, and Forever bookmarks) signed pics of Sophie and Caeden (signed by Sophie, Caeden, and me), a signed Outsider poster (signed by Sophie, Caeden, and me), and a Lucinda's hat like the characters in the book wear. The more followers I get here, twitter, and facebook, the more often I'll do giveaways. (They won't all be quite as big as this one, I'll probably only do BIG giveaways when a new book comes out) Also, you can certainly follow by email if you don't have a blogger account. You can do that somewhere over there ---------------->
BUT if you follow by email it doesn't tell me so you'll have to email me at msmeltzer9793@gmail.com to let me know. 

Also, if I get 50 reviews for Outsider on amazon.com I will release the 2nd chapter of Insider!!!

And here's a peek:

I looked around in a panic for Bentley’s truck but it was absent. I did see Logan’s Toyota Tundra and I sprinted towards it.
“Whoa,” Logan said when I crashed into him. “Sophie? Is everything okay?” Concern flooded his pale green eyes, so much like his sisters. I was a bit surprised by his reaction. I was used to only surliness from him.
I pointed back towards the parking lot. “Caeden is going after Travis. You have to stop him. He won’t listen to me.”
Before I was finished speaking Logan was across the parking lot.
Caeden was on top of Travis and pummeling his face with his fist.
Lord have mercy I thought this kind of stuff only happened in movies. 



    1. Yep!!! I'm just as excited and I'm the one giving away free stuff not receiving it! Haha!

  2. This teaser means there shall be some action in Insider. I'm super excited about the giveaway and chapter 2 so I'll make sure I keep tweeting about following your blog. I'm so excited!

    1. Tell everybody! I only need ten more followers so that's not bad at all! And hopefully Outsider gets enough reviews so I can release the 2nd chapter!

  3. I can't wait for Insider to come out. This teaser gets me even more hyped up for it.