Friday, July 6, 2012


I've been thinking about doing a giveaway here on my blog. So... I'd like to giveaway a signed copy of Outsider and Insider and maybe some other goodies. (So this won't take place till September) Now here's the catch... (yes, there's a catch) I'll do the giveaway if I reach at least 50 followers on my blog by the time Insider releases. So spread the word! Get more people to fall in love with Outsider! (Okay, we know it's really Caeden we all love! Teehee)

And here's a small taste of Sophie's reaction to Caeden's motorcycle:

“No, no, no. No way!” I shook my head and looked at the offending black motorcycle. “I am not getting on that thing!
“Sophie, it’s a motorcycle, it doesn’t bite.”
I turned my head to look at the beast. “Really? It looks like it could bite, to me.”

^^^^^^Caeden says Hi!^^^^^^^

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