Friday, July 27, 2012

Random Outsider Links/ Peek of Insider

With school about to start for some of you I thought I'd give you the link to Sophie's backpack. (Her type of backpack isn't mentioned in Outsider but it is mentioned in Insider) I've had one of these backpacks and I really liked it. They only had like... four colors when I was in school so I had the Amethyst/Silver one.

Here's a pic of Sophie's backpack: (And this is the color combo she has) Even though I'm not in school anymore I want one. *pouts*

Here's a link to Sophie's duffel bag:
(You may remember it from an Insider peek I gave)

Some of you may have already seen this but this is what Caeden's room looks like:

These pictures and links can also be found if you clickity click click on the Outsider Series tab over there --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>

Here's a peek:

Mr. Collins, the woodshop teacher, was eager to start a new project today.
Pushing his black-framed glasses up his nose, he said, “Today, we’re going to start building cabinets. I’ve run out of storage areas and I thought this would be a good learning experience for you. You should see a sheet in front of you that shows that dimensions that I need. You can either make a plain cabinet or you can add detailing for extra credit. And Sophie?” He looked at me.
“Yes?” I asked.
“Please, I’m begging you, stay away from the power tools."


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