Friday, August 31, 2012


Insider is live on amazon!

And don't forget, I still have Outsider Extras to do and of course I'm going to do Insider Extras as well. So you'll have plenty of Sophie, Caeden, and the whole pack, between now and when the 3rd book comes out.

And if you didn't see my previous post Outsider is only .99 for today, tomorrow, and Sunday. On Monday it goes back up to $2.99. If you haven't purchased it yet, now's your chance!


  1. I love you! I just totally bought Insider just right now. As soon i saw uour blog i just clicked it and press buy. Yeah now i get to read it. Also thanks for having to book come out early.

  2. March! March! I can't wait till march for the 3rd book!
    I just finished the second one and I must say it was amazing! Bryce was sooooo awesome and I love the seven. Great job!

    1. I'm so happy you loved it! I love Bryce (I have an extra planned for him really soon) and the seven. You'll see more of them in the 3rd book too.