Monday, August 27, 2012


I'm done! I'm done! Done! Done! Done! Done! That's right I'm done with Insider! Cue my victory dance!

Alright, now I'm done dancing.
Insider is clocking in around 68,000 words. (Outsider was 92,000) BUT some of the stuff that was going to be at the end of Insider is better suited for the third book. (Tentatively scheduled to release in March) Also, it might get longer with editing because I usually add 5,000 to 10,000 words. So, we'll see.
I will try to start editing tomorrow and after I edit it, it's edited again by someone else, but it may be released early. (I hope) If it is, I'll be sure to make an announcement when it goes live.

Also, all my books are getting new covers! Yay! More excitement!

This means, I'm postponing the giveaway. DON'T FROWN! It'll probably take place around the end of September instead of the beginning. It just all depends on how long it takes to get them done. But just know, that I have not forgotten the giveaway.

Several items have also been added to the giveaway (nothing big). We decided  not to do bracelets (they took too long to make) but I do have a test one that I have no interest in keeping so it's been added to the giveaway. And my 9 year old cousin Jordan, sweetie pie that she is, made me some things to giveaway out of perler beads which are seriously, like, the coolest things ever.

The bracelet has wooden beads, a cupcake charm, S charm, a wolf charm, C charm, and a heart that says made with love.

Left: Cupcake for Lucinda's
Right: Perry the Panda (you'll have to read Insider to learn about Perry)

P.S. I'm going to try to open a cafe press store sometime soon so you'll be able to buy all kinds of book merchandise that way. ;) 

Oh, and I want to let you all know that there's not a whole lot of action in Insider (there is some, it's not boring or anything), but there's not some big battle. I don't want you to be disappointed so I'm warning you now. I expect the 3rd book to have a lot more action.