Saturday, August 18, 2012

Important! (Please Read!)

My bestest friend, Shelby (you may find her floating around here in the comments) (she also refers to me as Mimi, haha) is interested in making bracelets for Outsider. But would you guys be interested in buying them? So comment below and let me know. If there's enough interest then she'll do it. 

And here's a cute Caeden scene:

Caeden smiled at the little girl. Her hair was super curly and pale blond. She was dressed in a pink and green flowered dress and was probably the cutest thing I had ever seen. “Can I have a high-five?” he stuck his hand out.
The little girl smiled, her teeth pearly white and widely spaced apart. She smacked her tiny hand against Caeden’s large one. My stomach lurched with some unknown emotion.