Tuesday, December 4, 2012

**Teaser Tuesday Fighter**

Yay! It's Teaser Tuesday! As always, this is unedited and subject to change in the final version.

I woke up consumed in an inferno. I tried to throw the blankets off but it was impossible with Caeden wrapped around me. The sun streamed in through the windows covering us both in a yellow glow. Both the dogs were still sleeping. Archie occasionally let out a mighty snore that seemed to loud for such a little dog to make. If this was what I would be waking up to every morning then life couldn’t get any better.
It would be nice if it got cooler though.
I pushed Caeden’s tan, freckle-covered, shoulder.
“Five more minutes,” he breathed against my face. His breath still smelt minty and that was completely unfair.
“Five more minutes and I’ll be cooked thoroughly. At least ditch the blankets. I’m hot,” a whining tone descended on the last word.
“Yes you are,” he opened his eyes and waggled his eyebrows. Thankfully he shoved the blankets to the end of the bed but his skin was still hot against me. He was like a furnace.
I pulled at the tank top I was wearing trying to fan my body.
“I’m going to take a shower,” I announced. It was the only thing I could think of to cool down. “And for the record, if you’re going to snuggle me like that every night, you better turn the AC up and get some fans.” I crawled over his body and out of the bed.
“I’ll get that taken care of,” he rolled over and propped his head up on his hand, “because I plan to do plenty of snuggling.”
I laughed at him and grabbed a pair of shorts and a tank top for the day.
“Make it quick or I might have to join you,” he joked.

And I finally created a Pinterest account! I have boards for Outsider, Insider, and I've started one for Fighter. Ya'll have seen all the pics posted under Outsider and Insider here on my blog. So if you've finished Insider check out the Fighter board but if you haven't read Insider it will spoil things for you! So I'm just warning you now. :)

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