Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Teaser Tuesday/ Outsider Sale

I've been getting asked a lot if Nolan is another wolf shifter or something else... This teaser will clear up the answer for you. ;)

“How did you hear about what was going on with Travis? You’re a drifter.”
Nolan shrugged. “Just because I drift doesn’t mean I don’t hear and know things. I’m not completely removed from my streak.”
“Streak?” my brows knitted together.
Nolan looked at me, his strange green eyes with flecks of orange and gold, meeting mine. “That’s what you call a group of tigers. A streak.”
“So you’re not a-”
 “Wolf? Nope, that’s just lame,” he winked at me to let me know he was just kidding. “Tiger all the way.”

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