Friday, December 7, 2012

Signed Insider Giveaway

The giveaway for a signed copy of Insider on Goodreads is almost over! If you haven't entered yet times almost up! The link is over there--------------->
Or you can just follow the link.
As you can see there's also a giveaway for Outsider so enter that one too while you're at it! :)

Fighter cover reveal is next Friday! Eeeeeep! I can't wait for ya'll to see it!
If any bloggers want to participate contact me at

P.S. I've seen the 4th book's cover and it is byfar my favorite of the series!!!! It's gorgeous! (Not that they all aren't) but this one is just... Wonderful. Maybe I'm just more attached to it since it's the last book. (Yes, there's a 4th book, I've been asked a lot lately if Fighter is the last one and the answer is no. There will be a 4th book)  :)

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