Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Teaser Tuesday Fighter

This teaser is spoilery if you haven't read Insider yet. You've been warned. ;)

To Chris I said sarcastically, “This is a very lady-like place to have a bachelorette party.”
She narrowed her eyes at me. “Sophie, you aren’t exactly the tea and crumpets kind of girl. Besides, do you really think these losers would have come to some girl party.”
“Definitely not,” Evan said around a mouthful of nacho. “This is much more manly.”
I giggled. “Thank you for a manly bachelorette party.”
“You’re welcome,” she lifted a potato skin in the air as if she was toasting to me. “And just so you know, I expect the same spread, but with strippers.”
“I’m already dreading your wedding and you aren’t even engaged yet.”
“Be afraid, very afraid.”

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