Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This is unedited and subject to change in the final version. :)

“Excuse me, let us through,” he dragged me through the crowd.
“Hey bud, we were here first,” someone said and pushed Caeden.
“And that’s my brother,” Caeden pointed through the remaining crowd. I tried to peer around his body to see what he was pointing at. “Bryce!” he called. “A little help here!”
I heard Bryce’s voice reply, “Let them through.”
The crowd parted completely and I gasped. “Bryce! This is incredible!”
Bryce stepped back, covered in sand, and put his hands on his hips. Grinning he said, “See big brother? I told you I could build a life size castle.” He paused. “Well maybe not life size but you can walk in to it. I even built a couch.”
“Wow,” Caeden and I both said.
Bryce smirked. “And I seem to remember you agreeing to tell me how marvelous I am if I succeeded.” Caeden didn’t say anything so Bryce snapped, “I’m waiting.”
“You’re absolutely marvelous, Bryce. No one can build a sandcastle like you.”
“Thank you,” Bryce said before turning to the crowd. “Two bucks for a picture with the sandcastle! Five for a picture with the sandcastle and me!”
Charlotte snorted.
“What about a picture with the pretty red head?” Some college guy called out, looking Charlotte up and down. She blushed and turned away.
Bryce growled. “No pictures with my girl.”
The guy groaned but pulled out his wallet anyway.
“Are they really going to pay for pictures?” I asked Caeden.
He chuckled. “He does this every time we come to the beach and everyone always pays for a picture. I think they’re crazy.”
“Do you think he’ll make us pay?” I eyed the spectacular sandcastle. I had never seen anything like it. He had even decorated the sides in seashells and starfish.
“Sophie!” Caeden exclaimed. “You can’t be serious.”
“What?” I pointed at the castle. “It’s pretty darn cool.”
“And you have gone to the dark side.”


  1. Lol I love this! Bryce is so awesome and makes me wanna boyfriend Like him lol keep up the good work on fighter! Waiting impatiently for it lol

    1. :) Bryce is one of my favorite characters ever.I love writing scenes with him in it.