Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

Gram got up from the chair she’d been sitting in and sat down beside me. Taking my hand in hers she said, “How are you holding up sweetie?”
“Okay, I guess. My heart’s racing a mile a minute.”
“I’d think there was something wrong with you if you weren’t feeling a little flustered. Marriage is a big deal… even when you are marrying your mate. But you’ll be fine sweetie pie. That boy loves you more than life itself.”
Changing the topic I fingered her green dress and white cardigan. “You look nice Gram.”
“Ugh,” she pulled on the end of her dress. “It’s too short. Want to let me wear my jeans?” she turned hopeful eyes up at me.
“Sorry Gram,” I smiled. “But you can’t wear jeans to my wedding.”
“Darn, I figured you’d say that.”

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