Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Teaser Tuesday- Fighter

This is the second to last Teaser Tuesday of Fighter! I can't believe that in only 10 days Fighter will be in your hands! I'm excited and scared to death at the same time!
One minute I'm like this...

And the next I'm like this...

Anyway, I really hope you all love Fighter as much as I do! 


I giggled and leaned on the island. “I love hearing stories about Caeden when he was little.”
“Oh no,” Caeden came up behind me a pulled me against him. “What’s he telling you? I swear, they’re all lies,” he kissed my neck.
“Lies? Never,” Nolan scoffed.
“Dude?” Caeden stared at the table. “All of my pop tarts?”
“Every. Single. One.” Nolan smirked and stuck the last piece in his mouth.
“Don’t make me put a lock on the pantry.”
“You know you’d never do that. You love me too much.”
Caeden rolled his eyes. “You’ve been gone for years and then you just show up and act like you left yesterday. What’s up with that?”
Nolan put a hand on his chest. “Aw, Cay-berry. You’ve missed me. How sweet.”

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