Monday, September 24, 2012

Swag/Giveaway News

Since I put the Outsider/Insider giveaway on hold until the new covers are done it has given me the opportunity to gather more swag. Yippee! I ordered tote bags, coffee mugs, key chains and magnets! (I honestly don't know where I'm going to put it all!) With all this extra swag and the super long wait I've decided that there should be more than 1 winner! The grand prize winner will receive a huge box of swag (plus signed paperbacks of Outsider and Insider) and I haven't decided how many other winners there will be and what they'll get. Once I actually have all my swag in front of me I'll figure it out and post pics of what each winner will receive!!!!

Here's pics of the swag I just ordered! I can't wait to actually see it in person! I'm sure I'll scream and frighten the UPS man!

Keychain (so you can take Caeden with you everywhere!)


Coffee Mug

Front of Tote Bag

Back of Tote Bag
It's a quote from Caeden's Extra when he first meets Sophie, it reads:
The walls, the floors, everything, melted away. It was as if the entire world disappeared. Nothing was left except for her and me. Her presence held me to this spot, to this earth, not gravity. She stood in front of me with dark chocolate hair and brown eyes to match. She smelled like freshly baked cookies.  She was perfect. She was everything. And she was mine. My wolf howled inside me. My mate.
And then, in a very unlike myself maneuver; I dropped the dang gone cupcakes on the floor. Icing arced across the floor in a spray to cover my shoes, jeans, the floor, and then her.
Graceful Caeden. I scolded myself. Letting a girl make you lose your cool.