Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Several Important Things

First off I want to say that book 3 will not be the last book in the Outsider Series. I'm going to do a 4th book! There's just no way that I can wrap up Caeden and Sophie's story in just one more book. I know some of you have been disappointed with the lack of action in Insider but you will see a lot more in books 3 & 4. ;) Plus, I have a lot of other awesome stuff planned.  I can't wait! When I'm done with book 4 I plan to also do a prequel about Sophie's parents. I think the prequel will end up being full novel length but it might be shorter and more like a novella. I won't know for sure until I plan it out and start writing. :) I also plan to continue doing extras so that you know how all the characters lives turn out. I might even do a spin off book or series but that's so far into the future I don't know for sure yet, it's just a possibility.

Here's a peek from The Enchanted for Teaser Tuesday:

“What is that?” asked Theo.
“Cheetos,” I swished the bag in front of his nose.
We had stopped to get gas and food. Apparently even enchanters have to eat.
“Give me some,” he stuck his hand in the bag.
“Hey,” I snatched it back, “these are mine.”
“Haven’t you ever heard of sharing?” he asked and stuck a handful of Cheetos in his mouth.
I narrowed my eyes at him. “I don’t want to share with you.”
“Doll face, I’m hurt.” 

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