Tuesday, September 18, 2012


...I really hope you guys love this cover as much as I do...

....Deep breaths...
...Okay, drum roll please...

This guy looks so much like the Caeden in my head that it's scary! I really hope he looks like how you guys visualize Caeden, as well! The Insider cover needs some minor tweaking before I reveal it. Also, the spine and back cover still needs to be designed so I have no idea when the new paperbacks will be available (which means the giveaway is still on hold) If you're interested in buying paperbacks with the new covers just hold your horses and I'll let you know when they're available. (I am also going to TRY my hardest to set it up on here so I can sell signed paperbacks. I'm not very tech savvy so I'll have to track down someone who is, who can help me, haha)

Now for Teaser Tuesday! (This is Mara and Theo on a... 'road trip' if you can even call it that)

“Mornin’ doll face,” said gray eyes with a fake southern accent.
I looked around and saw the road all around us.
“Have you slept?” I asked.
He put a hand to his chest. “Are you concerned for my health? Doll face, I’m touched.”
I narrowed my eyes at him. “I just don’t want to get killed because you fall asleep at the wheel.”
“I’m fine,” he said. “This stuff really works,” he picked up a bottle of five-hour energy.
“How many of these have you had?” I asked, taking it from him.
“Uh… four,” he counted and then giggled. Yeah, that’s right, giggled like a little girl. “And I feel great!”

I leave you with a picture of my dog Tucker!

P.S. This is the dress Sophie wore to graduation just to give you a visual. ;) It's from Old Navy.

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