Thursday, June 28, 2012


Well, I was working on Insider last night and I realized something:
1. That I'm an idiot
2. Even when I organize info on my different books in my notebook I still get mixed up
3. I'm a really big idiot

(I'm sure some of you caught this mistake but I however, did not)

In the Outsider Extra from Caeden's POV (the one where Sophie was kidnapped) I wrote that Chris had already shifted. This is not true. Sophie's the first of the girls to shift. So anyway... I fixed that. And I feel so stupid. So now I have to fix that info in Insider. Grrrr. (At least I caught it now and not when I finished the book cause that would've sucked even more)

^^^^^ I apologize for the rant^^^^^ So to make it up to you here's a peek:

“This life is a blessing, Sophie, not a curse.”
“I’m sorry, I know that.”
“No, you don’t,” he said and I could feel him shake his head. I burrowed my head against his warm neck. “Ever since you found out about this world you’ve only seen the bad.”
“That’s not true,” I whispered and hated that I had caused his thoughts to wander this way.
“It is true. Between what Travis did to you and hearing about Bentley’s brother you must think we’re all like that.”
“Our pack isn’t like Travis,” I said and looked up into his vibrant blue eyes. Right now they were less vibrant and more stormy colored, almost gray.
He smiled, a genuine smile, “Our pack?”
I sighed. “It’s our pack Caeden. I need to stop thinking of myself as something outside the pack and instead as an insider.”
“You are an insider,” he said, “to the greatest pack ever.”

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