Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Book Update

Sorry I've been MIA. My blog's been funky and wouldn't let me post anything. But I wanted to give ya'll an update on my progress.

Forever: 57,198 words
The Enchanted: 45,135 words
Insider: 4,918 words

I've been stalled with Forever for several months now so I have no idea when it will be finished because I just really hate forcing myself to write. The end product just doesn't come out as good when I force it. So I'm taking a break from it. I still believe that it will be done before the end of this year.

I'm working very hard on The Enchanted and hope to have it done soon. Hopefully it will be available in July or August but we'll see. I'm only about halfway done with it.

And then after I'm finished with The Enchanted I'm going to be working on Insider. I'd like to have Insider finished and available to you on my birthday as a special gift. (My birthday is September 7th) But I'm not sure if that's going to happen. (That gives me 13 weeks to finish/edit The Enchanted and finish/edit Insider) If I don't have it completed and ready to go by September 7th then I will release a peek.

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