Monday, June 25, 2012


I actually took a break from writing this weekend. I've been writing 7 days a week for... months and months. I didn't get much done today though because I only got 5 hours of sleep last night. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight after I watch Teen Wolf (It's like the only show I watch and I am obsessed. I love Stiles!) Moving on... I did finish a chapter of Insider today so I am now working on Ch. 6 and I have 16,316 words.  Almost 20,000!!!! Yippee!!!!

I thought I'd give ya'll a laugh... (At least I think it's funny) The setting of Outsider is where I live. (That's not the funny part) And Sophie's house, well Gram's house, is in my neighborhood. (I'd take a picture if the people living there wouldn't think I was weird, but I'm sure they would) (Still not the funny part) Someone else in my neighborhood drives Caeden's Jeep (Same color and everything) and I point and scream every time I see it. My words, "OMG it's Caeden and Sophie! Look look! It's Caeden and Sophie!" I'm a total creeper I know.

P.S. I do this a lot. Black Mustang. "It's Jonathon!" Black Hummer. "It's Danny!" White Honda Pilot. "It's Sophie!" You get the idea.

I get more excited if I see a car from Outsider, simply because it takes place where I live.

Another laugh... My grandma and I went to Five Guy's for dinner. The guy working there? Caeden look alike. Dark hair, scruff, and bright blue eyes. I think I may have nearly passed out (The 5 hours of sleep may have played a role in the nearly passing out). At least I didn't drool. He wasn't as tall as I picture Caeden but he sure looked like him. I wanted to take his picture but that would've been far too creepy. Teehee. If I wasn't so shy I might say, "Hey, I wrote this book and you look exactly like the one of the main characters. Can I keep you?" Okay, maybe I'd just say the first part. :) Oh well, there's always next time.

Okay here's a peek:

I dug out my shiny royal blue duffel bag, which I had gotten from American Apparel on a trip to New York City, from the bottom of my closet. I grabbed some jeans, shirts, hairbands, and a bunch of other crap and dumped it into the bag. I struggled to zip it closed.
Caeden took it from me and slung it over his shoulder. “I think I’m going to get me one of these. I can rock the shiny metallic look.”
I laughed as he strutted out of my room, doing duck lips, when he reached the front door he turned and struck a pose.
“Do that again and I’ll take a picture and post it all over Facebook,” I threatened.
“You wouldn’t dare,” he said.
“Oh I would,” I laughed.
“You mean to tell me that you would morbidly embarrass the love of your life?”
“Yes, and enjoy every minute of it,” I crossed my arms over my chest and leaned against the wall. The dogs wandered out of my room and into the hall. Archie stretched and Murphy rolled around on the floor.
“You’re sick,” he grinned.
“What can I say?” I shrugged. “I love it when your cheeks and ears get all red with embarrassment.”


  1. Oh I love Teen Wolf too! XD but I missed tonight's episode :/ but whoopi for mtv online XD haha

    I haven't read any of your books yet but judging from the excerpts you always post they sound really good :3

  2. I think I would've spazed out if I missed last night's episode. That ending! Ugh! They expect me to wait a whole week!?!? Are they crazy? Hehe.

    Aww, thank!

    1. I'm getting ready to watch it hahhaa I almost did spaz out when I realized it was halfway over haha
      and Stiles is sooo cute! XD he never fails to make me laugh in any episode.
      I know right? They always have to make cliff-hangers at the end of every episode, it's excrutiating :3

    2. *gasp* :O just finished watching it, oh my gosh I get what you meant about the end urghghh XD how are we supposed to wait a whole week? haha

    3. I love Stiles so much. (When those chains fell out of his locker in that one episode I nearly died laughing) The coach is pretty funny too! I think Teen Wolf needs to come on everyday of the week for the whole year. Especially if they're going to leave us hanging like that!

    4. hahaha that was a hillarious episode! Oh and I liked that one part when Scott and Stiles were trying to think of a way to get sent to the principal's office and Stiles threw a wad of paper at the chemistry teacher's head. It's so funny how much he doesn't like Stiles XD
      Oh that would be so awesome :D

    5. Maybe we should send a petition to MTV. I'm sure we'd get a lot of signatures. Haha.

  3. Loved the teaser so much! I think they're adorable together.

    1. OMG!!! i love the book outsider, i read it in 2 days!! i cant wait till insider comes out!! do you know when it will??

    2. I'm so happy you loved it! Insider is scheduled to release September 7th!!!!