Friday, February 22, 2013

I feel like...

I feel like I never do posts on my blog anymore. :(
I feel really bad about that. Hopefully, I'll be more active once I start posting Unraveling Teasers! (First one coming Tuesday, Feb 26th!)
Anyway, I'm so excited and scared to death about Unraveling, that, quite frankly, I've been a crazy person. Lol. This book is so different that any of the others I've written, and honestly, if someone asked me to pick my favorite, I'd say Unraveling. I feel so connected and moved by Katy and Jared's story, and I hope when ya'll read it, you'll feel the same way. :)
I'm much more active on facebook page, so if you haven't liked it already, you should do that. I have a lot of small giveaways planned over there for Unraveling! ;) AND when I reach 1200 likes on my facebook page, I will release the first THREE chapters of Unraveling!

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